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Chief Executive Officer

She makes it easy to learn and grow while solving complex issues. Elaine is known for creating hands-on training programs that are proven to change behavior. She serves as trusted advisor and consultant to C-suite Executives, professional athletes, and employees in a range of global industries to measurably improve performance. Elaine is a top personal coach and corporate training consultant who has created and delivered training programs for Fortune 100 companies, corporations, small business, school districts and charitable organizations in all 50 United States and parts of Europe.

Elaine is extraordinary at team-building. She has been inspiring people to surpass organizational objectives and achieve new standards of performance for more than 20 years. She has amazed and served more than 10,000 people with her ability to provide the right skill at the right time for the right person.

Elaine grew up in an atmosphere that values education and life-long learning. She developed a strong foundation in Experiential Learning, Business, Recreation, and Communications through her Bachelor’s Degree of Applied Science from ISU. Since then, Elaine has invested heavily in her education and learned from great teachers. She has a problem-solving mind that constantly sees the steps to move people from Point A to Point B. She believes that experiential learning is one of the most powerful tools for growth in all areas of life.


Danni Askew
Managing Director

Danni embodies a rare combination of perfectionist and empath. This Summa Cum Laude graduate has studied personal and community leadership, both in academic settings and experientially throughout her career. Her background in restaurant team management brings a balance of adaptability, detail-orientation, and thoughtful customer service to her training programs. Danni is currently revitalizing a 23-year-old corporate training company for a new generation of professionals looking to attain freedom and fulfillment on their own terms through Experiential Learning. After working internationally in Italy and Chile, Danni settled in a small Midwest community with her husband to create wine and wonder for all who seek the beauty of Being Valued.


Chris Verna

Chris is the Angel Investor and driving force behind the viability of Being Valued. The man has vision. He is the reason we serve professional athletes and most of South Florida. No one fine tunes the body and supports growth better than Chris. We are proud partners with Chris Verna Training.

Yolanda Bucher

Yolanda is the Leader of Future Projects for Being Valued. She is the former Chief Creative Officer at Sandow Media. She is skilled at finding and uniting the best of the best to create new opportunities for growth. Stay tuned to see what she creates next.