New or Experienced in Energy Work?

We are believers who were once skeptics. We have been doing Energy Work for decades, and we still think it is a little strange. But hey…it works and people like it. Some things in life can only be experienced to be understood. Great teachers taught us things we never knew existed. Let us introduce you to a new energy that grounds you and makes you feel fully alive.

Our Energy Work is bold, modern and extremely powerful. It’s also funny and filled with joyful laughter. When a person receives an energy treatment, it is relaxing and balancing. These sessions bring the mind, body, spirit and emotions back into alignment. When these levels are balanced, pain is reduced and clarity is enhanced. Clean Your Energy sessions are a tool to reduce stress, cope with life’s challenges and enhance the healing process. Most of all, it feels really good!


We share this rare gift. Urevia is a unique and powerful method to Clean Your Energy. We learned from the originator of Urevia, Dana Glore-Gray, who teaches: “Self-mastery is a skill, happiness is a skill, expressing love is a skill and developing wisdom is a skill.” We teach these skills while Urevia promotes greater love and healing. We offer three levels of Urevia classes – Urevia 1, 2, and 3.