Frequently Asked Questions

Experiential Learning is a career path taught at Colleges and Universities. We have the degrees and took decades of classes to hone our craft. For the textbook definition of Experiential Learning, click this Wikipedia Link:

Experiential Learning is the key ingredient in all behavior changes. The curriculums we write and the sessions we lead are designed to be life-changing when you choose to participate fully in the process. Experiential learning changes the way we act and what we believe.

At Being Valued, ALL experiences are valued. We believe that all struggles are opportunities to LEARN new skills. We create new experiences that change behavior.

We help individuals, businesses, families, and communities learn from experience. We create custom-designed activities and guide people until the breakthrough learning is achieved. The results are a change in your actions and a change in your outcome.

Most people come to us when they are feeling overwhelmed and stuck. Their eyes are sad. They begin sentences with:

I can’t
I’m afraid
I want
I wish I could
I need
I’m scared
I don’t know

People leave our programs feeling blissful and blessed. Their eyes SPARK. They begin sentences with:

I know
I am
I chose
I understand
I finished
I conquered
I learned

In the hands of the professionals at Being Valued, Experiential Learning is a way to figure out who you are, what you want, and how to get it. It is a learning process that develops knowledge, skills and values from direct experience. Different than a traditional academic setting or book reading, Experiential Learning is a way to gain true wisdom.

Corporate Training is the best program we offer. Through experiential learning, we change behavior and change outcomes for employees and business organizations.

Unlike other corporate training companies, we do not offer pre-packed and canned presentations. We only do custom-designed trainings. We value the people hired to do the job. We maximize the talents of your team and teach the right skill at the right time for the right person.

We integrate into an organization and assess the underlying needs. We have a unique assessment process that must be experienced to be understood. Once the true needs of the individuals and groups are determined, we go to work. We write curriculums and design activities that teach skills, fulfill individual needs and progress the team.

We do not do PowerPoint presentations. Instead, we use developed methods for audio, visual, and kinesthetic learning. We design hands-on, experiential opportunities for employees and teams to learn and grow.

We deliver an outstanding return on your investment. It costs to pull people away from work to do trainings. We maximize the time to ensure increased profits. We make money for your organization. We are certified trainers in many areas of study, including Integrity Selling and Emotional intelligence. We specialize in the soft skills, communication, teambuilding and sales. We understand group dynamics, and we know how to develop new patterns of behavior.

The learning we provide is deep, lasting and transferable to all aspects of life. We train to specific outcomes. If you are ready to solve complex issues, change stubborn behaviors, and increase profits, call us now at 561-523-5003. We will walk you through every step of the process.

Individual Sessions are the best opportunity to experience Being Valued in all aspects of your life. We tune into you and only you. In individual Sessions, we solve two problems:

  1. You know what you want, but you don’t know how to get it. OR
  2. You don’t know what you want.

A session begins with you. You talk, we listen. You may talk for as long as you wish. Or, you don’t have to talk much at all. We are good at reading people, and we know how to listen for the story behind the story.

We may ask a few questions, but not very many. Once you dump your thoughts and feelings, we go to work. We run you through activities that result in learning and reflection. The activities provide you with a new vantage point and new tools. We teach skills. Your mind shifts. Your body changes. Your emotions calm. Your spirit is renewed.

We ask that you schedule two hours for a session. It doesn’t always take that long, but we don’t want to rush. If you are doing a phone session, you will need to be in a quiet place with a pen and lots of paper. If in-person, we provide the quiet space, the pen and the paper.

Sometimes, we will give you an experience that we playfully call homework. These are experiences that can only happen outside of the session. There is great learning in our playful homework. And, sometimes we learn more from not doing our homework. Both ways, we will ask to follow-up by phone. It doesn’t cost anything additional to check-in or follow-up to discuss your experiences. It is all part of one session.

The session officially completes when you are back on-path with a spark in your eyes. The result is you know who you are, you know what you want, and you know how to get it.

Individual sessions are unique because of the intensity and speed. We have seen people agonize for years and spend thousands of dollars on self-help books, counseling and classes. With one or two individual sessions, we solve most things with a mindset shift and a new set of tools. Individual Sessions give you the right skill at the right time.

Clean Your Energy is a catchy phrase we use to describe our energy work. Basically, we clean out your energy and ignite your internal spark.

Energy work and energy cleansing has existed for thousands of years. Christians use frankincense and myrrh to clean energy. Jewish people prefer the salt of the Dead Sea. Native Americans burn sage. Metaphysical students use Reiki. Eastern cultures use essential oils. At Being Valued, we use an energy practice that is different from all these ancient techniques. It is bolder, louder, and funny. It always makes you smile.

We start your energy session by bringing you to a comfy space. You have a choice of relaxing on a massage table or kicking back in a leather recliner. You remain fully clothed. You may choose to take off your shoes. We do not touch your body unless you signed up to work with one of our licensed massage therapists.

Once you are settled in, we make it easy for you to drift to a quiet, happier place. We play vibrational healing music produced for us by the Good Vibrations Music Company. Then, we do a rare form of energy work that must be experienced to be understood.

Some people fall asleep while we clean your energy. They wake up feeling refreshed and recharged. Some people have profound experiences. Others will tell you they feel overwhelmingly blissed and blessed.

The sessions can be done in person or by phone. Yes, we can do energy work by phone. The only difference is that you provide the comfy setting while we clean your energy.

Experience this for yourself by booking a session to clean your energy. All Individual Sessions automatically receive a complimentary Clean Your Energy session. And, we offer quick energy cleaning when your time is limited.

We also offer classes to learn how to clean your own energy called Urevia 1, 2, 3.

Relationships are our greatest teachers. It is easy to know the right thing to say and do when we are alone. It is much more difficult to say and do the right thing when we are interacting with others.

We all have great theories about what should and should not happen. The theory is worthless if we are unable to apply it to our actions and change our reality. Nothing tests our theories more than the contrary opinions of other people.

There is a unique set of skills and practices that are necessary to succeed in relationships and groups. In the Corporate Setting, these skills are called “soft skills” and are hard to learn. Being Valued exists today because we teach the soft skills and build teams.

Those same skills necessary to build strong teams are also necessary to build strong families and strong communities. We provide a safe space to learn relationship skills. We help create lasting bonds with the people at work and at home. We help you find and shape your community to achieve your greatest goals.

Being Valued was established in 1999 by Elaine Biskupic. (Everyone calls her Elaine.) The initial launch was made possible by The Robert Bosch Corporation. They planted the seed by hiring Elaine contractually to change their employee attrition rate.

Elaine renamed the company Being Valued when contracted by the Portage Public Schools. The school participated in a study by The Search Institute to determine if students had the Developmental Assets needed to succeed in life. The bottom score on the survey revealed that kids were not being valued.

The school learned that kids who are not being valued will not succeed well in life. The studies also showed what happens when adults are not being valued. Elaine and her team were hired to change the mindset and behavior of 80,000 people. The change in behavior and survey results were so significant that the Superintendent, Jim Rikkers, suggested copyrighting the curriculum and changing the name of the company.

Over the years, we have grown and expanded. We have a large team of trained and contracted Facilitators. And, we are always looking for more talent.

Facilitators are people who make learning easier. Facilitate means to make easier or less difficult. Facilitators assist with the progress of a person. We make it easy for you to learn from your life experiences. Our Facilitators are well educated and experienced in the learning process. We have college degrees in Experiential Education, Recreation, Education (Teaching), and/or Business Administration.

There is an art to what we do. We learned from great teachers, studied for decades, and continue to be guided by great mentors. We are dedicated to life-long learning.

We are not psychologists, marriage counselors, religious leaders, self-help gurus, metaphysical teachers, life coaches or motivational speakers. We respect these professions, but that is not what we do.

We are professionals of the learning process. We know it is brave to learn something new. New is always uncomfortable because it demands that one ventures into the unknown. We hold your hand and walk you through the learning process. We honor each step and the exact pace that serves the individual or group.

Learning isn’t easy. People stay miserable for a long time because it is easier to talk about your problems or read about your issues than to learn new skills. We make learning fun and memorable. Once you learn, you know forever.

Being Valued is an investment. It takes time, attention and resources. It requires a choice to shift your focus and shift your funds. We offer scholarships and pay-it-forward opportunities. Please contact Elaine for up-to-date pricing.

If you want to change and grow your group, team, or business, the best program is our Corporate Training. Participation begins with a complimentary 30-minute session.

If you want to change and grow yourself and your family, the best program is our individual sessions.

If you just feel off and want to feel like yourself again, the best program is Clean Your Energy. 

If you want to completely get away and restart your life, the best program is our custom-designed Retreats. 

Still not sure what program is best for you? Give us a call at 561-523-5003.