Fortune 100 Company Solutions

We make you money. We increase sales and improve employee performance. Our past successes include:

✔ improving market share (from 24.7% to 51%)
✔ increasing team revenues (from $156 million to $564 million)
✔ boosting employee retention (from 67% to 98%)
✔ converting belief into practice (32% to 93%)

Customized Curriculums

We’re not PowerPoint pushers. We write unique curriculums that are used nationally and internationally to change the behavior of individuals and groups. We create original, hands-on learning experiences that produce lifetime results.

Team Building

We are productivity artists. Teambuilding is our craft. We weave individuals together to create a strong team united by compelling visions and solid achievement.

Small Business Leadership Training

We grow CEOs. We specialize in training CEOs. Leadership is different at the top and requires an entirely new skill set. We ensure your continuous growth and forward movement. We create new revenue streams and teach real-life leadership skills.

Schools and Charitable Organizations 

We care. We created programs and led massive initiatives for change in 200 schools and not-for-profit organizations. We have raised $35 million to benefit children, families and the environment. We believe in community and champion good causes.

Sports Teams 

We understand the game…and the people who play the game. We solve the unique problems of athletes, sports teams, and families of athletes. We work with rookie, veteran, and Hall-of-Fame athletes from the NFL, NBA, PGA, LPGA, MLB and Olympics. We keep an athlete ahead of the game and their head in the game.

Train the Trainers

We teach the people who teach. We offer hands-on classes, workshops, and curriculums for teachers, consultants, facilitators, managers, directors, human resource staff, coaches, corporate trainers, and leaders. We train the people who train the people.


We create great escapes. We create custom-designed retreats in the Florida tropics and great destinations around the world. We use hundreds of local resources to custom-design the best individual and group retreats. Pick a date, and we’ll build the ultimate escape to recharge your batteries and bring home a spark in your eyes.