Today, we are experiencing listening.

We thought listening was only about tuning into other people and paying attention to what they say. Today, we are listening by tuning into our own bodies and paying attention to what they say.

We have a history of not listening to our own bodies. Caffeine, fad diets, and overwhelm would drown out our body cries for action. Life would overwhelm. Our bodies would scream at us before we listened.

Today, we are choosing to listen.

Pay attention and respond appropriately.

Drink when thirsty.

Eat when hungry.

Sleep when tired.

Pee when nature calls.


Today, we are choosing to respond to our own body cues in the same way a mother responds instantly to her new-born baby’s needs.

We are experiencing listening and responding appropriately.

What is your experience?

If you are feeling overwhelmed, book a session or give us a call. We’ll listen. We’ll nurture you and mother you up until you are back on path.