Experience This


Today, we are experiencing Play.

These are Elaine’s thoughts about PLAY:

I am choosing to go outside and play today. I miss play.

I did not come to the world of human growth and development with intention. I sought a degree in Recreation and Business. I thought the world needed to play more. My greatest ambition was to be the Director of the Chicago Park Districts. I thought life was more blissful when everyone was outside playing.

My first job as a lifeguard paid me to watch people. To stave off boredom, I observed people and their interactions as if I was watching television. I noticed facial expressions and emotions. I could predict human behavior long before I ever studied it.

In college, I learned that a Recreation Degree is not all fun and games. They demanded coursework in human growth, play therapy, sociology, communication, and kinesthetic learning. They taught me an applied science to understanding people.

After college, I took every course and read every book I could find on human growth and development. I invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in my education. I studied and learned how humans grow in mind, body, spirit and emotions.

Now, I read people for a living. I teach people skills when they are struggling. As my skills have grown, the human struggles I work with have become more intense.  I teach simple skills that solve complex human issues and problems. I help people learn from their own life experiences. And, I help corporations solve human struggles to be more productive.

I have observed and examined thousands of people’s lives. I have observed and examined thousands of aspects of my own life.

And, I still think the world needs to play more.

How do you bring more child-like play into your life? Do you have a favorite game you like to play?

If you would like more joy and play in your life, call us or book a session