Experience This


Today, we are experiencing regret.

Regret for the times we were not aware.

Regret for what we said and what we did.

Regret for the what we didn’t say and we didn’t do.

Regret for the times we didn’t know better and the times we did know better.

Regret for the times that we were distracted and not thinking clearly.

Regret for the times that we were too frightened to try something new.

Regret for the times that we needed help, but didn’t know how to ask for it.

Regret for the times we drifted apart.

Regret for the times we hurt the ones we love.

Regret happens when we think of something with a sense of loss, sorrow, or remorse.

Remorse happens when we regret with the deep and painful realization that we were wrong.

Today, we are sitting in the feelings of regret. We are feeling the sting, the pain, and the flood of shame.

And then, we stand up and change. Because regret changes us when we take the time to feel it. We own our mistakes and do more than pledge to do better. We develop action plans to bring forgiveness and relief. We act differently. We can’t change the past, but regret can change the future.

We do it differently going forward. The pain of regret does shape our future choices.

Would you like to tell us what you regret? How would you like to change your future?

If you are feeling paralyzed by the guilt and shame of regret, give us a call or book a session. We’ll help you change the future and create new behavior.